The Grizzlies locker room covers Ja Morant: “It’s our family”

Ja Morant was dropped by the Memphis Grizzlies after appearing on a live stream from instagram shirtless and with a gun in a club striptease. The star of the team Tennessee has decided, in turn, to step aside to focus on his mental health and return to the courts as soon as possible. His teammates in the locker room are looking forward to the return de Morant and trust him to come back stronger than ever.

After the defeat in The Angels before the Clippers (135-129), several were the players who went through the microphones and had a few words about the event of the franchise player of the Grizzlies. Jaren Jackson of the faces of the team, who qualifies Morant as a “brother”, wrapped up the one who was all star this season. “I am happy for whatever you decide to do. I trust your judgement. He’s doing what’s best for him”, commented the former Michigan State University.

He’s going to come back and he’s going to dominate the league again”, he commented to Mark Medina, an NBA journalist. “When I return, it will be at the same level. It really doesn’t matter much”, he continued. On whether he was worried that the point guard would appear at the club with a gun, Jackson was blunt: “Not much”.

Desmond Bane, who has earned the position of second sword in Memphis, wanted to go further. “we are one big family. We hug him and show him affection”, clarified the escort. the player of 24 years He trusts the “retirement” that the point guard is making and that it will be good for him. “Of course. he is a fighterHe has a tough mentality. When you are ready to return, we will welcome you with the open arms”, he concluded.

Ja Morant and Jaren Jackson during a game against the Oklahoma City Thunder this season.


Ja Morant and Jaren Jackson during a game against the Oklahoma City Thunder this season.JUSTIN FORDAFP

Tyus Jonessubstitute in the base position, wanted to clarify the love that has the wardrobe of the Grizzlies with Morant, who has completely changed the dynamic of the franchise in the last seasons. “I have confidence that Ja will manage his affairs and do what he needs to do to get back to the right place. When it’s time to come back, he’ll be ready, whenever”, commented the player, who is being one of the great surprises on an individual level this season.

You want the best for him. it’s our family. You care and love your family. You just want the best for him.Jones continued. As to whether he is in contact with Ja, Tyus was discreet. “I have talked to him a couple of timesbut I’m going to keep that”, he finished.

Finally, Taylor Jenkins, the team’s coach, wanted to be patient with the star. “Ja understands that has done complicated things and bad choices in the past”, he explained. “We love him, we want the best for him. It’s going to be a tough process, but we have a group that can get through it.”.

Jenkins was full of praise for Morant, describing him as “a great person, family member, father, brother, son and member of his group”, he continued.

is hugging the mistakes you’ve made but only time can tell. We will support you and make him responsible for it to change”, he finished.

Without a definite date For his possible return, Ja Morant is still away from the courts. The Grizzlies, who are currently seconds in the Western conference (38-25) and with less than 20 games to go in the regular season, they need the best version of their point guard, but they understand that the mental health It is above any sporting act.

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