The Greek government has stopped the entry of earthquake victims from Turkey

Athens: Greece closed its doors to the victims who survived the devastating earthquake in Turkey, tightened the border guard.

In this regard, the foreign news agency According to the report The Greek government has increased border patrols to prevent earthquake victims from entering the country.

Media reports say that recent earthquakes in Turkey and Syria on February 6 could trigger a new wave of earthquake victims moving to Europe, prompting Greece to increase its border security.

Greek Minister Notos Mitarachi has said his country has deployed hundreds of extra guards to Turkey’s land border at Evros, and will also buy several new boats to patrol the Aegean.

He further said that this migration of millions of people is not the solution to the crisis. It should be noted that at least 50,000 people have died in the terrible earthquake in Turkey and Syria, in which millions have been displaced and are in dire need of aid.

Greece wants to completely seal the 22-mile border with Turkey with a barrier and fence system to prevent earthquake victims from entering Greece, Notts Mitarachi said.

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