The great striker who has already tied Roma on points

AS Roma have announced a full agreement with prolific Colombian striker Duván Zapata. Born in 1991, Zapata will become a Capital player as soon as an agreement is reached with Atalanta as absolutely everything is agreed with him and he already wants to put on his new shirt.

The €2.7million-a-season deal coupled with tempting bonuses shows the confidence the Roma board has in Zapata’s talent and ability to lead the line of scrimmage. The agreement doesn’t stop there, however; The contract could go up to a maximum of €3m if he excels in Rome and his contribution to the team is high, Calciomercato reports.

Atalanta want to make sure they bring in a good amount

What is fascinating about this transaction is the ongoing relationship between Roma and Atalanta. Despite the agreed terms, there is still a minimal gap in the loan amount between the two clubs. However, this transfer shouldn’t worry Roman fans should the Colombian play at a high level as there would be a mandatory buy clause after a certain number of games played. Notably, this clause is rumored to be activated after Zapata has played 40% of all games of the season. This provision ensures that the agreement benefits both the club and the player, lays a solid foundation for a future together, the price of this purchase commitment is currently being negotiated and is the main reason Duvan Zapata is no longer coaching José Mourinho.

Should Zapata manage to fulfill the terms of this clause, the possibility of an even longer relationship between the player and the Roman club opens up with an additional three-year deal. So his future is entirely in his hands as it will depend on him getting a much more attractive contract in the years to come.

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