The great obsession of Fernando Alonso’s new boss at Aston Martin

Mike Krack already boasts of the Spaniard dressed in green and anticipates the hard work they will have with him on board

The now head of Fernando Alonso, Mike Krackbelieves that the team must be prepared for the Spaniard now that he is officially a pilot Aston MartinAlthough it has been known for a long time with complete certainty, especially since the last test in Abu Dhabi. Now the real adventure begins.

“Fernando is a pilot and a very direct person,” says the chief of the Silverstone-based team. “Pilots like Fernando Alonso they have achieved what they have because they keep asking questions, they keep pushing and they keep wanting more,” says their boss. However, his statements were more and generated a lot of surprise for everyone.

Mike Krack on Aston Martin and Alonso’s goals

Fernando Alonso’s boss expects the driver to bring new ideas to his team

“We need to be prepared; we have to be able to anticipate what he is going to ask for. What ideas could I have? What could I want from the car? What was he doing in other teams that he thinks we should also be doing?” asks the captain from last season and who intends to move up to two positions this year.

Mike Krack believes that the 41-year-old Spanish double champion is exactly what Aston Martin needs to get off the ground. “I know that it will not be easy at all to manage Fernando. He will challenge us and constantly push for more, that is the nature of a true champion”, he affirms before his fans.

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Dan Fallows also spoke and underlined the importance of Spanish on the slopes

“But you can be sure that he will get the most out of the car. If we want to grow and become a top team, we have to be able to handle these kinds of characters. Fernando is exactly what we need”. At the moment it is hoped that all this expectation can be of help to the team.

Finally, about this important experience of Fernando Alonso, Dan Fallows, a former Red Bull technical guru, also underlines its importance. “I come from an environment with Red Bull. We have people who come from Mercedes and some other teams and, obviously, Fernando also has a very varied experience,” he said. fallows.

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