The great gesture of Axel Laurance with Ferron so that he did not fall off a bridge

The second stage of the Star of Bessèges left us, in addition to the agonizing scene of Valentin Ferron clinging to the wall of a bridge so as not to rush after being affected in a fall, one of those gestures They come to show that the peloton is united in the most adverse situations regardless of the jerseys.

A good example of this is the gesture of the French cyclist from Alpecin-Deceuninck Axel Laurance, who was also affected by the pileup that occurred on the bridge and who did not hesitate to help Ferron when I was in trouble.

The Total Energies team itself, in which Ferron runs, He shared an image in which Laurance appears helping the cyclist to climb the wall of the bridge so as not to rush, in a gesture that they did not hesitate to applaud.

Hours after what happened, Laurance himself wanted to give his version of what happened in a response that also displayed the camaraderie that exists in the peloton in the most difficult moments. “I tried to free myself to help Ferron as quickly as possible, in fact I was not in the best position. This is also cycling, and in those moments there are no teams, but we are all in the same boat. My thoughts with all the cyclists injured this afternoon.”

In response to a user who asked him about what happened in the race, Laurance admitted that, despite the fact that the bridge was not very high, Ferron did not know it and that is why he was so scared. “There wasn’t a lot of depth, but Valentin didn’t know that, so he was scared.” A precious gesture that shows once again the solidarity of the peloton in delicate situations.

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