Two Moroccan participants of the Titan Desert staged the spirit of solidarity of this test that this Wednesday completed the fourth stage as no one had done until today. Ilias Karkas and Youssef Ismaili They rode together on the same bicycle and pushed the other for more than 20 km until one of them was able to repair his, which had suffered a breakdown.

Karkas saw that his partner and compatriot had been knocked out due to a breakdown in his bicycle and stopped to help him. As there was no immediate solution, he suggested that he get on the handlebar of his bicycle, and from there push his bike with his hand.

Both rolled in those conditions until a Spanish runner was able to help them with some toolso both Moroccans were able to reach the finish line.

“The spirit of the race has to be this. I have done it with a friend and compatriot, but I would have acted the same way with any other runner from another country,” Karkas said at the finish line.

Youssef Ismaili occupies fourth place in the classification of cyclists sub’25, and Karkas in fifth of the same. Thanks to solidarity, both are still in the race. The Titan example.


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