The Granollers, without a title but with glory

Granollers at the last moment could not with the third consecutive German team (quarterfinals, semifinals and finals) that has crossed their path. They fell in the outcome of the European League clearly against Fuchse Berlin 36-31 (16-12) that had its playmaker in Gidsel as always, although the executing arm of the Berliners was also Danish and from the past Barcelona player Lasse Anderson (eight goals, almost all from nine meters).

On Saturday Rama’s team had already pushed themselves to the limit physically to overcome Groppingen, without being able to take over and without allowing themselves to think about the medium term because they needed to win and a subsequent situation was not contemplated; in less than 24 hours he played the Fuchse, one of the greats of the Bundesliga.

A squad like the one from Valles, limited in the number of useful troops for a great competition, even if it completed the call, had options while the morale bonus lasted, because gasoline was already running low. That allowed him to deal with Fuchse, come back and get to have two rental goals in his best moments of the first half, but he suffered four exclusions, for only one of the Germans with Danish arbitration. He was even double inferior, which the Berlin team took advantage of to make the difference before the break.

Nor was Granollers fresh and successful in attack, they missed one-on-one situations at the ends and in the pivot, and that, against another rival, would not have been so serious, but in a final it does pay off against a team that was forced to triumph by the greatness of his plant.

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With the match already tipped for the Germans, Granollers continued to compete, with a mixed defense against Gidsel (the best in the last World Cup) so that he did not receive the ball, looking for the pivot, giving width to his attack, but it was noticeable that he was no longer He had the ease of Saturday, he lost passes through the center, and the rival punished him on the counterattack.

The surprise, for Granollers to win, was impossible, but they were fighting with a front line with Gurri, Faruk and Reguart, three junior players (21 years old or less), who were eventually joined by Guijarro, Romero and Castillo, three other youth players! who are the future of the club

Berlin is a fair winner, by squad, by budget, by the record of its men; meanwhile, Granollers, led by veteran Antonio GarcĂ­a (39) but who is one more in an almost beardless group, will always be able to boast that the glory of the European League is theirs.


Fuchse Berlin (16+20): Milosalvjevic; Lindberg (6.3p), Gidsel (5), Koplajar, Anderson (8), Vujovic (2), Marsenic (5) -start-; Wiede (6), Darj (1), Holm (2), Weber (1) and Lichtlein.

Fraikin Granollers (12+19); Rangel; Franco (4), Salinas (7), Torriani (3), Gurri (3), Antonio Garcia (7.1p), Faruk (2) -first team-; Guard (ps); Friend, Rey (2), Reguard, Roca (1), Castillo, Romero, De Sande and Guijarro (1p).

Bookmark every 5 minutes: 2-1, 3-3, 5-6, 8-9, 13-10, 16-12 (rest); 21-14, 25-16, 27-20, 31-23, 34-27 and 36-31.

referees: Martensen and Kirkgolm, Danes: They excluded Amigo, Gurri, Faruk and Rey, from Granollers; and Darj and Koplajar from Berlin.

Basketball court: Flengs Arena Flensburg, Full

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