The grandmother of children lost after a plane crash in Colombia: “What we went through is painful”

San José del Guaviare (Colombia), May 20 (BLAZETRENDS).- The grandmother of the four children lost for 20 days after a plane crash in southern Colombia assured this Saturday that what happened is very “painful” and asked for support :

“Many people have been injured and the whites do support them, but who is going to support us?”

Fátima Valencia told BLAZETRENDS by telephone that “it is painful” what they are going through and that “those who are there in the region (in the indigenous community of Araracuara, a remote town located on the border between the departments of Caquetá and Amazonas) are concerned” for minors.

Rescue teams have intensified their search in the jungle area in the south of the country in recent days.

On May 1, a plane crashed to try to find 11-year-old Lesly Mukutuy alive; Soleiny Mukutuy, 9 years old; Tien Noriel Ronoque Mukutuy, 4, and 11-month-old Cristin Neruman Ranoque.

20 days missing

The children’s grandparents, meanwhile, are in Villavicencio, capital of the department of Meta (downtown).

On Thursday, they transferred the bodies of the three adults who were traveling in the aircraft, including Valencia’s daughter and mother of the children, Magdalena Mukutuy Valencia.

It was the first trip that the family made outside the remote indigenous community, where there is only air access, and they did it to visit the father of two of the children:

“She had never set foot in the city. It is a very sad story, I lost my grandchildren…”.

The media have reported that the C205 HK 2803 aircraft, of the Avianline Charter’s company, which was flying from this community to San José del Guaviare, had already suffered a mishap a couple of years ago, but the causes of the accident are still unknown.

Ask for support in Colombia

The children’s grandmother, given the uncertainty of the situation and the number of calls she is receiving from both the media and organizations.

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: “Is this suddenly going to remain as a memory or are they going to support me?”, since they denounced that as “true indigenous people” they have never been supported with flights, with markets (food) or with any state aid.

They are “forgotten” and it is only when something like this happens that they remember them, said the older woman who appeared “tired”.

He also showed his indignation because for the “whites” there is help and support, but not for them: “with a little support, we are all happy.”

The family asked for “respect” last Thursday after the “false expectations” that were created after the day before the Colombian president, Gustavo Petro, announced on Twitter that they had found the minors, false information that he had to deny for several hours. after.

They ask respect to Petro

Petro hid behind the fact that he had received information from the Colombian Institute for Family Welfare (ICBF) that “could not be confirmed.”

The president then reaffirmed the commitments of “the Military Forces and the indigenous communities” to continue the “tireless search to give the country the news they are waiting for.”

The ICBF explained in a statement that the misinformation arose from a message they received from “territory that ensures contact with the four boys and girls.”

According to the entity, the information said that “they had been found alive and that they are also in good health.

But the Military Forces, who are leading the search missions, have no confirmation of where the minors are.

Through Operation Hope, more than a hundred operatives are looking for the children, of which some clues have been found in the jungle such as a shelter with various objects or a bottle (bottle) that could belong to the baby.

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