The government officer emptied the entire dam, the reason is surprising?

In India, a government official’s mobile fell into a dam while taking a selfie, and the dam was evacuated to find him.

The love of taking selfies is not limited to teenagers, but everyone is infatuated with it, and sometimes horrible, sometimes interesting and unbelievable incidents also happen, like what happened in India.

According to foreign media, this incident happened during the selfie of a government official posted in the state of Chhattisgarh, India, whose mobile phone fell into the dam while taking a selfie. Vacated.

According to the report, the phone of 32-year-old Inspector Dosh Rajesh Vishwas fell into the Kherkata Dam a week ago while taking a selfie. gave

A motor pump was purchased to carry out the order of the said official and in 3 days more than 21 lakh liters of water was removed from the dam.

The authorities concerned have taken notice of this move and the Indian official has been suspended for abuse of authority.

Food Inspector Vishwas has claimed that the phone contained confidential government information. Defending his move, he also said that the water was diverted to a nearby canal, which would benefit nearby farmers.

According to reports, up to 1500 acres of water could have been irrigated with the water wasted for searching mobile phones.

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