The Government of Peru creates a commission to advise Boluarte on constitutional matters

The Government of Peru created a commission to advise President Dina Boluarte on constitutional issues, which will assist the president in “state decision-making in accordance with the parameters” of the Magna Carta, a measure that was made public this Saturday in the official newspaper El Peruano.

This team made up of legal experts, who are part of this Advisory Commission, “has the function of providing specialized advice on constitutional matters to the Presidency of the Republic, in coordination with the President of the Council of Ministers and the Minister of Justice and Human Rights” , detailed the Supreme Resolution.

The members of this commission are ten experts, five of whom are former magistrates of the Constitutional Court, and its validity is 12 months, but more members may be added to the working group during this period.

The norm establishes that the members exercise their position ad honorem, are chosen in a personal capacity, their appointment constitutes a position of trust and does not require additional resources from the Public Treasury.

The commission, according to the words of the resolution, “has the objective of contributing to the strengthening and legitimacy of the democratic regime and the constitutional rule of law in the country.”

It justifies that in the context of the country, it was “necessary” to form this work team made up of “jurists with recognized professional, academic, ethical, prestige and independence, identified with the principles and values ​​that inspire our Historical Constitution.”

And that this, in coordination with the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, issue and expose the opinions and recommendations on the matter to the Presidency of the Republic, “in order to provide it with the highest constitutional counsel that guarantees the best and most appropriate decision-making within strictly constitutional parameters”.

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The commission is the result of the final report of the temporary Sectorial Working Group that was in charge of the “Political Reform in the framework of the advance of General Elections 2024” and that was created within the anti-government protests in December 2022.

This report warned of the importance of the president having “advice of the highest level on constitutional matters.”

The norm concludes with the names of the commission, which are Ernesto Álvarez Miranda, Jorge Blume Fortini, Alberto Borea Odría, Jorge Luis Cáceres Arce, Víctor García Toma, Carlos Hakansson Nieto, Aníbal Quiroga León, José Luis Sardón de Taboada, Oscar Urbiola Hani and Elizabeth Zea Marquina.

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