The Minister of Economy of Brazil, Pablo Guedes, said this Thursday that they will begin studies to privatize the semi-state company Petrobraswhich were requested by the new Minister of Mines and Energy, Adolfo Sachsida.

In his first appearance before the press as minister, on Wednesday night, Sachsida said she would request Guedes to begin studies for the privatization of Petrobras and the state company known by the acronym PPSA. The latter is within the orbit of the Ministry of Mines and Energy and is responsible for managing and controlling oil and gas exploration and production activities on the Brazilian maritime platform.

These privatizations will be a priority in his administrationindicated Sachsida, who underlined that everything she stated was “expressly supported” with a “100% endorsement” of the president, Jair Bolsonaro. He also considered “essential” monitor the privatization process of Eletrobras. In July 2021, Congress approved a reform by which it authorized the State to reduce its participation in the company from 52% to 45% of its shares, but no progress has yet been made in this regard.

On another plane, Sachsida also said that Brazil will have to make a “global investment realignment”moving away from countries like Russia and China, and reaching out to “friendly western democracies”. China is Brazil’s largest trading partner and last year Russia ranked sixth in the ranking of Brazilian exports. “International investment is leaving risky countries and migrating to friendly Western democracies; Brazil is undoubtedly a safe port for these investments. We need to take measures so that the world understands that Brazil is a safe investment port,” he added.

Sachsida attended this Thursday at the headquarters of the Ministry of Economy to deliver the document with which it requests the studies for privatization. After receiving it, Guedes said that he would redirect the request to the corresponding office and stated that hopes to have the decree soon “as quickly as possible” for Bolsonaro to sign. Five months ago, Guedes had ruled out that the privatization of Petrobras could take place before the end of this government, which ends on December 31 of this year.

Both Sachsida and Guedes were rebuked, in separate public appearances, for trade unionists who considered that the privatization of Petrobras was a crime against Brazilians. In both cases, the ministers described it as a “liberation” of the people from the “monopolies.”

Before Sachsida’s statements, at a campaign rally, former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silvafavorite to win the October elections, warned “the government and businessmen”: “stop trying to privatize our public companies.” “Whoever wants to buy Petrobras is going to have to talk to us after the elections,” he added.

This Thursday, Bolsonaro again criticized Petrobras, which he points to as solely responsible for the increases in fuel prices and the consequent inflation in the country, which in April reached new historical highs. He assured that the company’s profit margin doubles that of others in the same industry and criticized the members of the Board of Directors (in which six of the 11 chairs are occupied by representatives of the State). “The town is suffering a lot from the price of fuel. I hope that patriotism asserts itself at this time,” he claimed.

From the Regional News Agency.


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