The government is preparing the repatriation of the 70 Spaniards who are in Niger

The Spanish government is finalizing preparations for the evacuation of the more than 70 Spaniards currently in Niger. As reported on Tuesday by the Farnesina, the repatriation will take place by air.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has taken the decision to organize the evacuation after the closure of the airspace in Niger and the cancellation of all commercial flights.

The staff of the Spanish embassy in Niamey contacted residents and visitors who are in the African country to coordinate the evacuation operation.

On Monday, Minister José Manuel Albares called on all Spaniards who were in the country to contact the embassy to organize their departure.

Thus, for several days, Foreign Affairs has made an email and a consular emergency telephone number available to the Spaniards in Niger to coordinate this operation.

Alert in Europe after the attack on the French embassy

The assault on the French embassy last Sunday during a demonstration called in support of the coup plotters in the capital of Niger alerted European governments, such as Italy and France, which are also organizing evacuation operations to guarantee the safety of theirs from a possible new revolt.

Instability in the country is a consequence of the July 26 coup d’état when a military junta, calling itself the National Council for the Protection of the Homeland (CLSP), announced the removal of the president, the suspension of institutions, the closure of borders and a curfew nightly until further notice.

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