The Google competitor uses the cryptocurrency Solana to improve the browser

Today, a small number of web browsers control almost all of the market share, making it difficult to market your software as a small browser vendor. However, Brave Browser has a major competitive advantage by integrating blockchains, including the Solana (SOL) network. Now the browser has further expanded its support for Solana.

Privacy browser Brave is happy with Solana

In one Press release Brave writes this Browser task rewards could soon be paid out in the form of Basic Attention Token (BAT) via the Solana blockchain. In addition to the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, there was already support for Solana self-custodial wallets, however rewards have so far only been paid out via the Ethereum network. The browser also offers the ability to link ETH wallets.

However, Solana’s deeper integration is still a slow rollout. The first group of testers started on Thursday, and for now you are only eligible for the upgrade if you have been invited to do so. You can see your eligibility in the Brave Rewards tab at the top of your browser window.

Brave says it chose Solana because of its high transaction speed and low costs. This makes a difference in the distribution of BAT awards. A single transaction on Solana costs an average of $0.002, while the cost on Ethereum and the popular Layer 2 network Arbitrum (ARB) is $1 and $0.1, respectively.

Earn crypto by watching advertisements

It is also noted that hundreds of thousands of people are already using the rewards feature. Brave offers you the opportunity to earn BAT when you watch ads instead of blocking them with the built-in ad blocker. This has been possible since 2019 and also works in the Netherlands.

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For this it is necessary that the ad blocker works properly. That’s why special emphasis was placed on improving data protection functions in 2022. With so-called Accelerated Mobile Pages, which many websites use, Google was able to break through certain security techniques.

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