The Google Assistant will change the way it interacts with you

If you are a user of the Google ecosystem, you probably interact with the Google Assistant on a daily basis. Whether in English or Portuguese, there are details in the virtual assistant that can be improved. And there is one of them who is preparing to change.

The truth is that when we send the assistant to turn on a light or put the robot to vacuum, she has to send her bitaite. The command ends up being accompanied by a verbal confirmation that the assistant made the request.

Google Assistant is preparing to replace the confirmation of verbal commands with sounds

But to what extent is this verbal communication by the assistant necessary, if it can be replaced by a small sound, for example? This already happens in some commands, but now it will happen in all.

The Google Assistant development team released a advertisement claiming to have listened to user complaints. As long as the user is in the same space as the request, the request will only hear a sound indicating that the action has been performed.

google assistant

“Based on valuable contributions from the Google Nest community and comment Based on our own internal tests, we will expand the use of ‘sounds’ to recognize smart home commands to control devices in the same room.

The Google Assistant team thus wants to please those who have requested less verbal responses from the virtual assistant over the years. In this way, if you are in the room and you ask the assistant to turn off the lights in the room, you will no longer hear the confirmation phrase, and you will only hear a small audible indication.

Unfortunately, for now, this feature will not be available if you are in another room. If you are in the bedroom and ask the assistant to turn off the kitchen lights, you will still hear the verbal cue for action. But it is a beginning.

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