“The goal is to have Quartararo at Yamaha for many years”

The season has not been easy for Yamaha. Culminating it with the title of Fabio Quartararo will make you forget the hard moments lived with Maverick Viñales, who first got off the bike momentarily before mutually terminating their contract with the ongoing championship. Talking with Lin Jarvis, The head of Yamaha in the GGPP, assures that his ex-driver went to congratulate them on the success of his old boxing partner, something that honors him, but more time to talk about the French, whom he wants to keep in his box for a long time.

-Congratulations. What can you say at a time like this?

-Which is a well deserved title. We have had a great year and I think everyone in the paddock agrees. We have won five races and the ones that we have not won have been close by. Today we had more difficulties, but still we have been up there. We may have been a bit lucky, but it is part of the game. Anything can happen in races and we have also seen it in Moto2.

-Did you expect so much from Quartararo?

-We are super happy with Fabio. At just 22 years old, he has achieved his first world championship, he is the first French champion in history in the premier class and the first time for us since 2015. That 2015 title was very difficult until the end and in this we have been more relaxed and we have been able to enjoy it much more

-How many titles do you think Quartararo can get?

-You never know how a pilot’s career can evolve. He is very young, he is only 22 years old. Marc has been very dominant for the last 10 years in different categories and now he is having complications from injuries, but we honestly have to congratulate him on Misano’s career. We didn’t think he could win here. If we thought he could make the podium and he has managed to win three races this year, so he is still a threat and will be again next year. I think Fabio will be his rival for the next few years. We will see. I hope he will be with Yamaha for many years. The goal is to have him at Yamaha for many years and gives us the reason for when he joined our factory team.

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-What is the strong point of Quartararo?

-His spirit and his super positive character that makes him work very well with the team, engineers… He is a great guy. His character is one of the things, but not the only one. The other is his talent. When I was at the CEV many years ago I had it and that is not lost. We have been able to verify it this year. Last year he did very well. And this year, in which the bike is good and the team is good, it has shown its full potential.

-How do you see him compared to Lorenzo and Rossi?

-It’s difficult to say. Lorenzo won three world championships with us. He and Valentino are great champions, although completely opposite in character. Quartararo has his own character, his own positivity. He is himself, no one else.

-What must Maverick Viñales be thinking now?

-He has been very kind and has come to congratulate me and the team for the championship. Thank you. Maverick is very fast and has great natural talent but he wasn’t able to keep it up for a whole season. I think Maverick is happy with his decision. He needed to change and face a new challenge and I hope he does well in the future.

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