The Gift function in Instagram Reels arrives in Spain

Meta is starting to roll out the Gifts feature on Instagram in Spain and Portugal. After a few months of waiting, it will be available gradually over the next few weeks. Thus, the social network is studying new ways to monetize content on the platform.

This functionality allows, on the one hand, creators support your favorite creators with tips through Reels. And on the other, it makes it easier for fans to show their appreciation to the creators, sending stars within Reels. In this way, they are currently working on a function with which gifts can be sent to the creators of this video content.

A closer community

Creators will be able to see fans who have sent them a gift so they can thank their followers for supporting them. They just have to touch the heart that appears next to the name of the followers and they will receive a notification that the creator has seen and thanked the gift. It is a way to reinforce the connection between the two and create a more united community.

This dynamic has already been implemented in a similar way on other social platforms, such as TikTok. In their broadcasts, creators will be able to enable the ability for followers to send gifts. Of course, it is a system that allows users to choose between different options and gifts.

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