The German government gives the green light to a bill to legalize recreational cannabis

The German government this Wednesday gave the green light to a bill legalizing the sale and recreational use of cannabis, despite setting the legal possession limit at 25 grams per adult.

The law approved by Chancellor Olaf Scholz This allows you to grow a maximum of three plants for personal use. Additionally, Recreational cannabis must be sold in clubs and its consumption is prohibited in nightclubs and within a radius of 250 meters.

The aim is to reduce drug-related crime

According to Health Minister Karl Lauterbach The law is a “starting point” for solving a “failed cannabis law”.“Their goal is therefore to reduce drug-related crime, stop the trade in toxic substances and reduce the number of users.”

“The protection of minors and young people is a key aspect of the proposed legislation,” stressed Lauterbach, adding that the law, which must be approved by both chambers of parliament, will strengthen health security.

For his part, Agriculture Minister Cem Ozdemir, another supporter of the measure, assured that it was an “important step for a realistic and progressive policy” given the failed drug regulation law in the country.

The plans of the Scholz coalition of SPD, Greens and FDP are met with heavy criticism, above all by the opposition and also by the German Association of Judges, who fear further pressure on the judiciary.

Initially, Scholz’s coalition had proposed further liberalization of cannabis sales in specialty shops, but later the establishment of “Cannabis Social Clubs”, i.e. associations responsible for sales, was brought into play.

In neighboring Netherlands, the sale of cannabis in the popular “coffee shops” has been in force since 1976. Adults can buy up to five grams per person per day, but production and wholesale sales are prohibited.

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