The Games Village “Santo Domingo 2026” will impact the city

The Central American and Caribbean Games “Santo Domingo 2026” will leave as a legacy to the city an apartment complex that will significantly impact the area where it is built.

It is the “Central American Sports Village”, a work that will consist of between 800 and 1,100 units of three and two rooms to house the approximately 5,500 athletes from 37 nations who will participate in the regional fair.

Mr. José P. Monegro, president of the Organizing Committee for the sporting event, made the announcement at the LISTÍN DIARIO Café Deportivo, where he was accompanied by Fernando Langa and Carlos Iglesias, members of the organization, as well as veteran journalist Hugo López Morrobel, Director of Communications.

“The alternatives that we are evaluating imply that the greatest investment falls on the private sector, so that it represents the least possible burden for the Dominican State,” he explained.

“We are looking for investors who are attracted to the idea of ​​investing in the construction of the apartments that will be used as Villa Olímpica and that will later be sold,” said the journalist Monegro, who announced that they have seen land where the real estate project could be built.

Monegro when emphasizing that they will be austere, but brilliant games.

Monegro when emphasizing that they will be austere, but brilliant games.Raul Asencio

He indicated that emphasis has been placed on the project having a great urban impact, “and President Luis Abinader strongly agrees on that.”

“The Central American Shelter is a decision that we are still contemplating because we want it to have an impact on the urban configuration where it is made, which is not putting blocks on blocks and rods, which are not simple walls,” he stressed.

He specified that hard work is being done on the planning and the corresponding permits, in such a way that everything is ready with that previous part that a physical work of this magnitude entails.

“For all that part of planning we have 2023. The cannon shot of 2024 has to catch us with that ready, absolutely ready because it is a year of planning,” emphasized the president of the 25th edition of the Central American and Caribbean Games, which for the third time occasion will be based in the Dominican Republic.

The first occasion occurred in Santo Domingo 1974, a contest that marked a before and after in the sporting development of the country, and then in Santiago de los Caballeros (1986).

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“La Ciudad Corazón” will be precisely one of the cities that will serve as a sub-venue given the quality of the facilities it has, among which the “Gran Arena del Cibao Oscar Gobaira” stands out.

Also the Monseñor Nouel province, in whose Rincón Dam the rowing and canoeing tournament competitions will be held, just as it happened in the “Santo Domingo 2003” Pan American Games.

Monegro pointed out that they are also contemplating the intervention of the Ensanche La Fe Olympic Hostel, so that it can be used as a regional training center that generates income in what is also described as “sports tourism.”

He explained that the delegations that participate in the disciplines that will have these cities as centers of competence will be housed in them due to how easy it is in terms of logistics.

He said that it would be difficult for these athletes to be forced to move from those provinces to the National District.

Pending task

Starting June 23, the country will host seven disciplines of version 24 of the Sports and Central American Games in El Salvador.

The Dominican Republic will host the taekwondo, canoeing, field hockey, equestrian, clay pigeon shooting, modern pentathlon and racquetball competitions.

Monegro stressed that the rehabilitations that are being done to these facilities constitute a step forward in the work schedule that must be done in this sense for the “Santo Domingo 2026” appointment.

The country has good sports facilities, the result of different national and international sporting events, especially the Santo Domingo 2003 Pan American Games, located mainly in the Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Center (COJPD) and Parque del Este.

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