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The G7 is committed to continuing to contribute to Ukraine’s defense and imposing sanctions on Russia

The G7 is committed to continuing to contribute to Ukraine's defense and imposing sanctions on Russia

The G7 countries committed to this this Saturday Continue to help Ukraine in his defense as well as to approve new sanctions against Russia, in a closing statement after the meeting, which they held via video conference chaired by Kyiv by the current president, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.

The joint statement said: Leaders of Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan, Germany and Canada They reiterate that they “will continue to support Ukraine’s right to self-defense” and reiterate “the commitment to do so.” long-term security of Ukraineincluding through the conclusion and implementation of bilateral security commitments and agreements based on the Joint Declaration of Support for Ukraine, which we approved in Vilnius last July.”

Sanctions against Russia

They also agreed to “increase Russia’s war costs, degrade its revenue streams, and hamper its efforts to build its own power.” war machine“and “to fully implement and enforce our sanctions against Russia and take further action as necessary.”

G7 leaders praise that Ukraine has “demonstrated its willingness to defeat President Putin’s war machine, restore the territorial integrity of their nation and defend Ukraine’s sovereignty and independence.” Putin has not achieved his strategic goal of subjugating Ukraine“And has even “used up Russia’s resources to finance an unnecessary war, devastating Russian families and costing hundreds of thousands of Russian lives.”

Next to the Ukrainian President Volodymyr ZelenskyThe President of the European Commission also took part in the meeting in Kiev, Ursula von der Leyen, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, while the remaining leaders of Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany met in a video conference, while French President Enmanuel Macron did not attend and was replaced by Minister of Foreign Affairs, Stephane Séjourn .

Economic support for Ukraine

In the final document, the G7 assures that Ukraine will be helped to “meet its most urgent concerns.” financial needs and we will help other vulnerable countries severely affected by the impact of the Russian war,” and welcomes the EU’s approval of the €50 billion Ukraine Fund as well as “the rapid provision of its budget support by part of Japan in the first Quarter”. 2024 and new funding from Canada.

The G7 states assure this You’ll never know it “The calls ‘Choose’, Past and future, held by Russia in the territories of Ukrainenor their results” and showed their support “for the investigations of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine and other national prosecutors within their jurisdiction” into the crimes committed.

On the other hand, they stated that they will impose “additional sanctions on companies and individuals from third countries that help Russia acquire weapons or important arms supplies” and also “against those that help Russia acquire tools and other equipment used in the manufacture of weapons.” Weapons.” or on Russia’s military-industrial development”.

Concern for Russia’s allied countries

It also “strongly condemned North Korea’s exports and Russia’s acquisitions from Russia.” North Korean ballistic missiles“, as well as urge “to Iran to stop helping the Russian army and its war in Ukraine.

And they expressed concern “about remittances from companies in Russia to Russia.” People’s Republic of China of dual-use materials and components for weapons and equipment for military production.

“It is not right for Russia to decide whether and when to pay for the damage it caused in Ukraine. According to the World Bank, this damage now exceeds $486 billion. Russia’s obligations under international law.” pay for the damage you cause “They are clear,” they added.

The latest request asked G7 countries to continue their work and update themselves “by all possible means” before the Puglia summit Frozen Russian state assets could be used to support Ukrainein accordance with our respective legal systems and international law.”

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