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  • Jharkhand football team will not participate in the Santosh Trophy
  • The AIFF also rejected the application for the Women’s National Championship
  • Differences between JFA officials

The All India Football Federation on Monday rejected the entry of the Jharkhand men’s and women’s soccer teams for the Santosh Trophy and Women’s National Championship. In fact, the AIFF has made this decision after more than one request made by the state body JFA.

In a letter to the Jharkhand Football Association, AIFF Secretary General Kushal Das has alleged that the JFA has failed to resolve its differences within its management despite repeated requests. However, his request for more than one ticket to the tournament was the result of his infighting.

Let us tell you that also has a letter sent by AIFF to JFA, clearly stating that a total of four teams have received applications for the Santosh Trophy and the Women’s National Championship. The first two teams were recommended by JFA President Honey, while the secretary and deputy secretary also submitted two entries.

According to the information received from the AIFF, it warned the JFA several times about the rights and future of the players, but despite the fact that due to internal conflicts, it was not paid attention and no satisfactory solution was found, so AIFF made this decision. .

Apart from this, the AIFF has accused the Jharkhand Football Association of gambling with the future of the state’s players over differences between the officials. This is the reason why the association has taken this hard step.

In its letter, the AIFF said that it is extremely unfortunate that JFA players are unable to participate in the country’s prestigious competitions that provide sustenance for participating players. It is disappointing to the interest of the players to see that the JFA leadership was unwilling to resolve their internal conflicts despite repeated requests from AIFF. Therefore, AIFF has no choice but to reject the four lists received from JFA, tried to contact the Jharkhand Football Association regarding this whole matter, but so far there has been no response from that side.



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