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In the review of the Spanish performance in the World Cup, hot and with the disappointment by the shaking of Denmark to Spain in the fight for bronze, José Ignacio Prades was frank: “We are not at the level of Norway or Denmark.” There is no doubt, not right now, and yet almost half of the team that has played the World Cup will fight to qualify the Warriors for the Paris Olympic Games without having celebrated thirty years.

Today, precisely, Paula Arcos turns 20, the youngest of the National Team, a wild card in the first line, who plays in all three positions. “Now I’m interested in improving, that’s why I left home to act in Guardés, who offered me that possibility and who showed a lot of interest in signing me,” he says.

Eli Cesáreo, a 22-year-old pivot, has made a place for himself in the team, in attack and defense. It is not a discovery because it has long been known that it is a diamond, and in fact she had a scholarship at the Blume Residence in Barcelona before going to the Valladolid Aula and now at the Bera Bera. In addition, in the pivot position there are also the Catalan Kaba Gassama (24) and the Basque Ainhoa ​​Hernández (27), and a fourth, Lysa Tchaptchep, who turned 20 yesterday and now plays for the Norwegian Vipers, one of the European elite.

More youth

Carmen Campos and Jennifer Gutiérrez play abroad, in France and Germany, which translates into an evident physical improvement. Both 26-year-olds, Carmen is the future center-back for the Guerreras, and Jenny has already earned the title on the far left.

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Maitane Echeverria is only 24 years old and in this World Cup she has settled on the extreme right because she can perform several functions, and at this moment the most solvent defender. Laura Hernández, who has barely played, is 24 years old, and it is making its way, although that of the Bera Bera is still only a possibility.

For the coach Prades “the important thing is that the Federation’s projects are maintained with the young players so that there is more to choose from”, as they have other teams that can change half a squad between two championships. As is the case of Russia, which left a dozen players out of the World Cup among those who played the Olympic Games, although some already announced that they needed a momentary break.

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