The French Senate adopted this Thursday morning the law that establishes the vaccination passport, which establishes the obligation to have all the doses to access most public places, including bars and restaurants.

The upper house, dominated by the conservative opposition, introduced some modifications with respect to the text that was adopted by the deputies last week, where the government of Emmanuel Macron has a comfortable majority.

The fact that the text has not been approved identically delays somewhat the entry into force of the vaccination passport, which now has to be the subject of an agreement between deputies and senators, although the former have the last word.

The vaccination passport has caused great controversy, but its adoption in the Senate shows that it has a great political consensus, since that House has a conservative majority and adopted it with 249 votes in favor and 63 against, including several "macronists".

Once it comes into force, the passport that indicates that you have the complete vaccination schedule will be required to access places of entertainment, transport and other places, and a negative test will no longer work, as it has until now.

The senators have introduced some amendments that the Government does not like, such as restrictions on its use linked to exceeding the figure of 10,000 hospitalized nationwide.

In addition, the text adopted by the Senate also excludes those under 18 years of age from the vaccination passport and eliminates the possibility for bar and restaurant owners to verify the identity of customers to avoid forgery.

Within the law, which has other provisions to fight the pandemic, the Senate has also not approved the sanctions on companies that oppose teleworking that the deputies had adopted in the first reading.



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