The French company has admitted its ties with ISIS

A French cement factory has accepted the charge of providing financial support to the global terrorist organization ‘ISIS’.

According to the world media, as a result of the ongoing trial in the United States, the French company Lafarge has settled an agreement in the federal court of Brooklyn in New York.

Under the deal, Lafarge also agreed to pay $777.78 million in damages, admitting to supporting ISIS.

In its statement, Lafarge admitted that it and its subsidiaries had supported ISIS in Syria, which was an illegal act, and the factory management deeply regretted the incident.

On September 7, 2021, a French court opened a trial against Lafarge on charges of financing ISIS terrorists in Syria. The Paris Court of Appeal also later started an investigation into the allegation.

According to a Turkish news agency report published in 2021, the Iranian intelligence agency and agencies used Lafarge’s connections in Syria, its ties to ISIS, to continuously obtain information about the region, and the intelligence agency handed over the company’s information. Never issued a warning that she was committing a crime.

According to the documents, the contact between Lafarge and the secret services took place on January 22, 2014, when the company’s senior director, Jean-Claude Vallard, sent an email to the Interior Ministry’s Secret Directorate.

According to the document, the company paid $5.6 million to ISIS and other militants between 2012 and 2014 so that production at its plant in northern Syria would not be disrupted.

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