Julián Álvarez has the days counted in River plate. His impressive performance in recent months has made him the target of several important teams in Europe, who want to make a large investment to gain his services in the winter transfer market, at which point the season in Argentine football ends.

The millionaire team is one step away from becoming Argentine football champions, so it is not yet considering selling the Argentine forward, but rumors claim that different European clubs (Fiorentina, Atlético de Madrid, Aston Villa, AC Milan, Juventus Turin, Real Madrid, Sevilla, Betis …) have contacted the board to find out the sale price of their player.

On the other hand, the board is looking for a replacement who can fill their role in the squad and who can offer solutions in the short term, taking into account that they intend to win the next edition of the Copa Conmebol Libertadores against the Brazilian teams.

The club is managing different options, but they prefer to opt for footballers who are free so as not to make an investment in signings and to be able to save a good part of what they will enter through Julián Álvarez.

The one chosen by Gallardo

The footballer that Marcelo Gallardo likes the most, who seems to be staying one more season at the club, is that of Facundo Ferreyra, who has been without a club since July 2021 after his contract with Celta de Vigo ended.

Facundo Ferreyra, who was trained in the lower ranks of Banfield, has not played in Argentine soccer since 2013, but everything seems to indicate that he could return sooner if River Plate makes him an interesting offer.



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