The four children who were lost for 40 days in the Colombian jungle leave the hospital

Bogotá, (BLAZETRENDS) where they had remained since June 9, official sources informed BLAZETRENDS.

“The children are no longer in the hospital,” said sources from the Colombian Institute for Family Welfare (ICBF), who noted that the children left the Central Military Hospital (HMC) in Bogotá on Thursday night.

The four brothers are “very well” after they were rescued on June 9 after 40 days lost and transferred to this medical center, where they arrived with a pronounced state of malnutrition and dehydration and had various infections.

The rescue

This is the 13-year-old girl Lesly Mukutuy, who was in charge of taking care of her brothers Soleiny Mukutuy, 9; She has Noriel Ronoque Mukutuy, 5 years old, and Cristin Neruman Ranoque, a baby who completed her first year of life in the Amazon jungle located between the departments of Caquetá and Guaviare.

The minors were found in a remote point between Caquetá and Guaviare where they were searched tirelessly for weeks by some 200 soldiers, including commandos from the Army Special Forces, and indigenous people from the area, all of whom were part of “Operation Hope.”

For now, the four brothers will remain in the custody of the state ICBF, which will have to determine who is given custody, which could lie among others with the maternal grandparents or the father, whom, according to various media reports, the They have accused of sexist violence against the mother.

The minors were found in the framework of “Operation Hope” that mobilized more than 200 soldiers and indigenous people who searched for them for more than a month through the dense and virgin jungle located near the Chiribiquete National Park after the May 1 a Cessna 206 plane operated by Avianline Charter’s company crashed in this area and the three adults on board died, including the mother of the children.

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