The founder of the Universal Church asked to respect Lula’s triumph: "It is the will of God"

The founder of the Universal Church, Edir Macedourged respect for the result in the second round of the Brazilian presidential elections and pointed out that Lula da Silva’s victory represents “God’s will”.

On October 30, the ballot was held between the current president Jair Bolsonaro and the former president Inazio Lula da Silva. The leader of the Workers’ Party prevailed with the 50.9% against him 49.1% of the Liberal Party candidate.

In a live broadcast on social networks, Macedo stated: “We made our elections. And the election was made by the majority, obviously, who voted. So, we didn’t we can be resentful, because that’s what the devil wants.

And I add: “I prayed: ‘Oh God, I want Bolsonaro to win, but his will be donethe Lord sends‘. God did his will. He did. So what am I going to do now? I am going to continue with my life, because I do not depend on the president, governor or mayor. I depend on God“.

The spiritual leader owns the television network Record, businessman and banker. Macedo actively worked in Bolsonaro’s campaign to prevent the return of Lula and “gender ideology.” It is estimated that his followers represent the 30% of the electoral roll and that this sector was mostly overturned by the far-right president.

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