The founder of Chet GPT warned America about the great threat to humanity

Washington: The founder of Chat GPT has warned the US Senate about artificial intelligence.

Al Jazeera According to ChetGPT, OpenAI chief executive Samuel Altman has told US lawmakers that government regulation of artificial intelligence is “vitally important” because of the potential threats it poses to humanity.

The CEO stated in the US Senate that if the laws related to artificial intelligence are not made, it can prove dangerous, he said that the US government should make laws for the companies related to artificial intelligence.

Sam Altman said that he is concerned about the misuse of artificial intelligence in elections, and work must be done to control it soon.

Altman appeared before a U.S. Senate Judiciary subcommittee on Tuesday to try to convince Congress to enact new laws on the massive new technology, as deep political divisions in the U.S. have dogged the Internet for years. Legislation to bring in the regulation has been put on hold.

Sam Altman has become a global figure on artificial intelligence, warning that “if this technology goes in the wrong direction, it could be completely wrong.”

“OpenAI was founded on the belief that artificial intelligence has the potential to improve almost every aspect of our lives, but also that it poses serious risks,” he said. “We believe that regulatory intervention by governments will be critical to mitigating the risks of these fast-paced power models,” he said, citing concerns about job security and other risks.

Altman also proposed the creation of a U.S. or global agency, which would issue licenses for more powerful AI systems and have the power to revoke licenses and ensure compliance with safety standards.

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