The foster father classified him as possessive and jealous, the lawyer said of the defendant

There has been a new case of femicide Natalia Lagos in the court of Atlantis. In August 2023, her ex-partner kidnapped her in a car, crashed it and killed her.

He had previously stabbed a friend who was with the young woman and from whom he had stolen the vehicle with which he committed the crime.

In the new case, two witnesses testified under preliminary evidence. They were the foster parents of the 29-year-old defendant.

Natalia’s family’s lawyer, Valeria Campos, said that in this case the precautionary measure of bringing the defendant closer to his foster parents had also been discontinued.

“From the moment of formalization, there was a ban on contact and communication with Mr. Óscar Ferradans, the defendant in this case,” explained Valeria Campos.

Furthermore, he said that the statements of both were different. “The foster mother had some contradictions regarding her statements at police level. I’m not a mother or a psychologist, but I understand that parents tend to protect their children. What I can tell you is that the foster father viewed him as possessive and jealous,” he said.

“I believe that the father knew how to correctly define the psychological characteristics of this person, which bordered on psychopathy and narcissism,” he said.

He also pointed out that the young man had previously complained of domestic violence against a previous partner and that he had used an ankle bracelet. Both she and the defendant’s biological mother are called as witnesses.

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