The Fortune Brothers; Between tears and strength

Last Friday, October 14, the brothers José and Manuel Fortuna saw action in their last game as basketball professionals, with their club Rafael Barias, closing the regular phase of the current top basketball tournament in the National District.

Both were victims of separate recognitions by the National District Basketball Association, the Dr. Rafael Barias club, the Dominican Basketball Federation, the Mauricio Báez club and the All-Star Basketball League, where both players let their feelings flow in a manifestation of tears and strength.

an unprecedented cry

Crying is a state of expression as genuine as laughing. Indeed, people who cry are considered stronger.

“Mañen”, characterized by his suffocating defense and accurate triples, experienced moments of many emotions as a professional, but he never cried on a basketball court.

Not when he was part of the Dominican team that defeated his similar team from Uruguay in the 2013 Pre-World Cup, qualifying for the 2014 World Cup in Spain, nor in the championships obtained with Rafael Barias in the TBS Distrito, nor with the Leones de Santo Sunday in the National Basketball League.

But at her farewell ceremony, those moments washed over her and turned to tears.

It was impossible to contain the emotions in front of his wife, children, relatives and friends who accompanied him throughout his career.

He cried every moment. He was so beautiful and exciting, like watching him play for the national team or scoring from extra long distance on the best courts in the country.

Instead, Pancho, like a good older brother, showed a lot of strength by letting him know that everything would be fine and that it was okay to cry. He was comforting him, patting him on the back many times during the ceremony.

Their careers as athletes generated a lot of applause for their performances in the game, but this scene also received applause and recognition from all lovers of national sports, since the uniform of a human being pierced that of a professional.

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This moment is faithful evidence of everything that basketball meant to -Mañen- and what he left on the court that night. And besides, he also showed that his brotherly relationship became closer with basketball.

On the court, both gave one hundred percent, always dedicated to the cause.

Manuel was more vocal and led by example. José less expressive, but authentic leader, protector and conciliator.

This duo participated in four championships with the Rafael Barias club and were also crowned for the first time as teammates at the highest level of local basketball, the National Basketball League, with the Leones de Santo Domingo.

Villa Consuelo

Mentioning the Fortuna brothers and not thinking of Villa Consuelo is impossible.

Long before Barias entered the Superior Basketball Tournament of the National District, José Fortuna worked with the Mauricio Báez club in 2001. While Manuel made his debut in 2002, with the Los Mina club.

And since then, the fans of Villa Com have always expressed their support for the Fortuna duo in each team where they have participated in the different tournaments where they have played.

And the fact that both have made the decision to simultaneously retire from basketball, and with the club that trained them as players, makes their legacy and significance even greater.

In figures…

Manuel Fortunewho recorded more than 3,000 points in his career at the (LNB-LIDOBA), stated that his retirement would be together with his brother, and that he only hoped that he would break the record for assists, which was in the hands of José -Boyón- Domínguez with (793).

Joseph Fortune he did it and also exceeded 800 ratings and 400 robberies (leader in both departments).

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