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The former cricketer’s statement in support of Samson reminded Rohit of his bad times

The former cricketer's statement in support of Samson reminded Rohit of his bad times

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Rohit Sharma and Sanju Samson

There is often a lot of discussion about Sanju Samson, the player of the Indian cricket team. This player is very talented, he is also the captain of the IPL team, but there is probably confusion about him within Team India. The team management can never decide whether he will play T20 or ODI. Played in 3rd, 4th or lower mid-tier. His role is not decided by the captain and coach, which is why he is given different responsibilities in different games. In such a situation, not only Sanju Samson but also every other player will not be able to provide stability. The same happens to them. A former Indian cricketer supported him. At the same time, Indian captain Rohit Sharma was also informed that there was a time when Rohit himself flopped in the middle tier, then Dhoni changed his career by getting him in the opening.

Sanju Samson showed his attitude in the ODI series against the West Indies. In a game in which he played fourth-court, he hit an inning of 51 runs with 41 balls. But in the three games he got a chance to bat in the T20 series, he failed to make a mark. He was eliminated in one match. Otherwise, he repeated his mistakes in two games. Samson had 12, 7 and 13 runs in three innings. Again, his batting order was not fixed. Hardik sometimes sent him to number 5 and sometimes to number 6. Former Indian opener Akash Chopra discussed all these aspects on his YouTube channel.

Image source: AP
Samson’s racquet didn’t work in the T20 series against West Indies

Bring Sanju Samson to the top!

Akash Chopra has made it clear that if you want to use your talent properly, you have to take Sanju Samson to the top. That means you have to get Sanju Samson to set the tone if you want to see the best of him. That’s the only way you can do justice to your talent. It’s like getting the best of Rohit Sharma in the opening. Let us tell you that Rohit Sharma played mostly in the middle or lower middle class in the early stages of his career. After that, MS Dhoni gave his command and played his Sting as an opener. He also did his best after becoming an opener in Test cricket.

Rohit also often had chances in the team.

Akash Chopra further said that Rohit Sharma also had the same story. His statistics weren’t good in the first few days either, but he still got regular chances in the team. It just seems like a player who has the stamina and talent today can deliver better results tomorrow. I think we would like to see Sanju Samson succeed in the lower middle class, but the chances are slim. That’s because everything he’s done well in his career so far has been either at No. 3 or as a starter. His numbers were never good at #4 or below.

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