The focus is now on the evacuation of American and Afghan allies from Kabul: US Joint Chiefs of Staff.

According to the international website, the United States Secretary of Defense, General Austin, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Millie, held a joint press conference.

“The war in Afghanistan is what I fought myself, I know this country and the people who fought alongside me,” he said. It is our moral duty to help those who helped us.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mark Millie, said what went wrong in Afghanistan would be assessed later, with the focus now on the evacuation of American and Afghan allies.

“The Taliban have taken full control of Kabul. The Taliban are not interfering with our evacuation operation,” he said.

The defense minister said that Kabul airport is the only place that is under American control. Currently, the United States does not have the capacity to operate within Kabul. Hundreds of people in Kabul cannot get to the airport.

He said it was not yet clear when the evacuation mission would be completed.

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