The Flash: the treatment of Supergirl (Sasha Calle) enrages the spectators

/Warning, this article contains spoilers for The Flash movie/

The Flash ofAndy Muschietti should have been the paragon of the multiverse at DCinspired straight from the comics flash point. Expected as the messiah by some to allow the new studio led by james gunn to perform at the box office after the fiasco Shazam 2 ($133 million in revenue), The Flash is also well on his way to wallowing. With only $218 million in revenue world while the bulk of its exploitation has passed, production is on track to cause a shortfall close to 200 million at Warner. The studio had even set a non-negotiable goal: to achieve the $770 million in revenue of The Batmanof Matt Reeves.

But above all, the film will have bided well on an aspect on which it was expected at the turn: the multiverse. If many proposals could have been put on the table in order to bait the fans, the studio will have been satisfied, for the most part, with digital reconstructions. Between the Superman of Christopher Reevesof Nicholas Cage or even the Batman ofAdam West, the crap special effects will have passed all this part of film for an old kinematic recalling the first times of the Playstation. Only the physical presences of Sasha Calle (Supergirl), Michael Keaton (Batman), Michael Shannon (Zod) and George Clooney (Bruce Wayne) will have tried to bring a semblance of added value.

The Flash © DC Comics
The Flash © DC Comics

But the treatment of Kara Zor-El will have made the fans scream DC. In the film, she teams up with the two alternate versions of Flash And Batman to stop Zod and prevent it from destroying the Earth. However, the heroine has little screen time and is killed several times, when Flash tries to go back in time several times. Zod systematically stabs her to extract her genetic code, with the help of her subordinate Faora Ui. No matter how many times barry goes back in time, it ends with the death of Kara.

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A female depiction of a superhero who quickly gets executed repeatedly so that Zod can create life out of it. Which will have disappointed a lot of people. The one who could have been in the foreground of The Flash is, in the end, reduced to a fuse solely responsible for demonstrating that barry cannot change the future. What is particularly frustrating is that Kara didn’t even have to die in the story. Seeing she lost Kal El and her homeworld is dead, there is already reason enough for her to urge the barry to undo the flash point and save reality. Moreover, this representation of all is lost could very well have been done only with the iconized death of Michael Keaton in Batman.

Finally, what completes the fans is the fact that james gunn And Peter Safran don’t seem to have any plans for Sasha Calle in the restart of DCUs. It remains to wait a few weeks, however, to have confirmation or not.

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