The Flash: The total budget would be XXL: Warner Bros. Discovery already in danger?

The Flashthe multiversal epic of DC Comics is about to arrive from June 14 in French cinemas but also internationally. The film must succeed in erasing the slate of debts left by the big flabs of black adam ($393 million in worldwide revenue) but especially that of Shazam: Rage of the Gods (133 million). In perdition, the ex-universe DC still has a few releases to launch before experiencing its total revival under the leadership of james gunn And Peter Safran. The Flashafter a complicated production campaign due to the setbacks ofEzra Milleris next on the list.

According to insider information Mytimetoshinehelloreputed to have several solid sources when it comes to the world of superheroes in cinema, The Flash would have a pharaonic budget of $330 million (taking into account the marketing). At a minimum, the film should be able to take 600 million to be considered profitable. A datum that can be reached since the predictions of Box office Pro speak of an opening US in three days between 115 and 140 millionwhich is double of black adam (68 million). It will be necessary, on the other hand, that the film ofAndy Muschietti works well over time to hope to be a big success.

One thing is certain though, some time after the costly cancellation of Batgirl and the stomachs of the films with Dwayne Johnson And Zachary Levia fiasco could plunge DC Movies and the Warner Bros Discovery in a very deep crisis.

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