The Flash: The director has just spoiled an incredible cameo

/Warning: This article contains major spoilers about The Flash/

Next June 14, Andy Muschietti will present the highly anticipated The Flash Or Barry Allen will tumble into the multiverse and see a whole bunch of familiar faces from the DCUs : THE Batman of Michael Keaton, Zod of Michael Shannon or Supergirl. A festival of fan service and cameos which should, without a doubt, succeed in satisfying the most demanding fans after a second opus of Shazam who failed to convince. During an interview with Esquire Middle Eastthe filmmaker behind the revival of the It franchise on the big screen has unveiled a very important cameo.

Indeed, if the film Superman Lives of Tim Burton could never see the light of day unlike the one on Batmanthe aborted feature film should have had Nicholas Cage as the super vigilante Kryptonian. And hold on tight… the famous actor embodying Benjamin Gates will indeed have a small role in the film. Muschietti said that working with Cage on the set of the film “was absolutely wonderful” and ” although the role was a cameo, he dove into it “. He also added that he had dreamed all his life of working with him and hope to be able to work with him again soon. This secret cameo raises questions: What interest Andy Muschietti would he have to reveal the information? Is it to give fans a bit of a grain of salt and hide other bigger surprises?

The next iteration of Superman will be in the feature film james gunn entitled Superman: Legacy, the production of which has not yet begun. Here is the final trailer for Flash just below:

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