The Flash: Grant Gustin, the Flash of the series, explains why he wasn’t present in the film

When we think about last summer’s blockbusters, it’s hard to remember the film’s great artistic and financial fiasco The Lightning. The film was only preserved Worldwide sales of $270 million For a roughly equivalent budget and social networks, the film will be torpedoed Ezra Millercriticizes obnoxious cameos, meaningless settings, and an incoherent story. Warner estimated the welfare losses associated with the feature film between 100 and 150 million dollars. Still, Warner tried to continue his gigantic search for cameos. Besides that Christian Balewho apparently rejected the offer to return, there is also Grant Gustin, who lightning from the series of the same name, which is missing from the film.

Grant Gustin reveals in particular that no one at Warner didn’t contact him where the studio used the image Nicolas Cage In Superman to do something that he obviously didn’t accept too much. A real waste Gustin reported to a committee:

“No one, at least no one officially, has ever called me. As far as I know. My representatives never told me that when they did it. So yeah, no, no one ever called me out for (The Lightning). »

Warner Bros. Discovery already has a plot for a possible sequel The Lightningwritten by David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrickthe man behind both films Aquaman with Jason Momoa. However, James Gunn And Peter Safran have not yet spoken about the future of the superhero in their new universe DC.

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