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The Flash: An accurate estimate of the money lost by Warner is now possible

/sources Collider – lapresse.ca/

This is probably the biggest fiasco of the year or even the entire decade. The multiversal crossover of DC Comics, The Flashviolently wallowing at the global box office after a bumpy production run – partly because of Ezra Miller. The film had a very mediocre US box office opening with only $55 million in three days. Reviews have also been deeply negative – whether Rotten Tomatoes attributes 64% of positive opinions to the film, many French spectators will have criticized the quality of the special effects and the cameos, strangely resembling cinematics of the PlayStation 2.

Other plot points will also have raised anger, such as the treatment of SupergirlSasha Calle – relegated like a punching bag from the General Zod. Far too many disappointments therefore which will have prevented The Flash to perform over time. But today, almost two months after the release of the film, we are able to give a precise estimate of the amount that the Warner pocketed thanks to The Flash and be able to make the revenue/debt ratio with the (heavy) losses that followed.

The Flash © Warner Bros.
The Flash © Warner Bros.

The media Collider talks about an advertising budget around $150 million7 million just to distribute a trailer during the Superbowl. The initial production cost is $200 million. The multiple reshoots engaged have them, increased the note to 250 million. A budget substantially similar to Wonder Woman 1984 and other productions DC of the same ilk. In the end, Warner invested almost 400 million dollars on the project – which partly explains their desire to go to the end of this outing despite the escapades ofEzra Miller and the already costly cancellation of the film Batgirl.

Dated July 28, 2023the film reported $268 million in revenue around the world.

Lapresse.ca details the different trajectories taken by the income linked to the sale of a cinema ticket, which is estimated on average at $10.46. 52.4% of the ticket would be returned, in total, to the producer who would then use it for several reasons: to make a profit, to cover the expenses of the studio and also to pay the staff if they benefit from a profit-sharing on receipts. The other part would go to theater operators. In the end, if we scale this percentage up to the current income of The Flash (268M) we obtain approximately $140.4 million in revenue which went into the pockets of the Warner. The note is therefore severe for the studio which would have lost between $210 and $260 million in total, which is a major money pit. The estimate depends on other factors like the true starting amount for marketing – estimated here at 150 million by American media – but kept under lock and key by the Warnerbut also the share paid to other producers, even if it is minimal.

The firm can console itself, on the other hand, with the big score of Barbie which has just exceeded half a billion dollars in box office receipts.

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