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The first signing is Gori

The first signing is Gori

Reason for celebration in any circumstance, in a Espanyol without new faces, the reappearance of Gregorio Gracia, goryone of the great pearls of the quarry, who has been pushing the door ever since in 2020 he appeared at a youth age in his first preseason among the professionals but whose misfortune with injuries had nipped in the bud his enormous projection. Until now. He has become, in practice, the first signing parakeet from 2023-24.

Against Cádiz (0-1), last Sunday, Gori played a game again 644 days later of the previous Were 31 minutesbetween the restart and 77 ‘, when Luis García replaced him with Keidi Bare, who tasted glorious, as desired as they were since they on October 17, 2021, the cruciate ligament of the left knee was torn during an Espanyol B-Tarazona match.

He recovered, not without pain and suffering, and just like the two previous courses with vincent morenoin the summer of 2022 it was going to count towards diego martinez. Until it broke again. The same injury. underwent arthroscopy July 15 last year, just the same day but in 2023 he played again in a match, among the Espanyol players themselves, at the Dani Jarque. And in Marbellawhere it all started, he has become a footballer again. With big letters.

“It has been very hard, especially mentally. But he has been worth it”


“I’m super happy. He had not been on the pitch for a long time and It has been very hard, especially mentally. Working, day by day, has made me strong. It’s been worth it”, he conceded this Monday in the club media, where he reviewed how “Putting on your clothes is already weird, stepping on the pitch again, being with your teammates, having your rivals in front of you… It’s a very nice feeling because it’s what i live forplaying football is what makes me happy”.

For Gori, what He arrived at the club in children and begins his ninth season, the professional environment will not be new. Not surprisingly, before his first serious injury He made his debut in the First Division, in an Osasuna-Espanyol two seasons ago. And already in the final stretch of the past course, once Luis Garcia he had taken the reins, he returned to the dynamics of the first team, getting ready for his return.

Sometimes you think, you think about it”, he admits, about his injuries, “because it is not one but two, but when I’m in the field I disconnectI focus on the game.” “Psychological work is also important. Every day I work my mind”, explains the midfielder, who hopes “to go from less to more, find my feelings and my best version and compete with the team to the maximum”. For now, he can already be considered the first signing of 2023-24.

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