The first meeting between the US and the Afghan Taliban since the withdrawal

Doha: The Foreign Minister of the Islamic Emirate demanded from the United States to lift the ban on the reserves of the Afghan National Bank.

The Afghan Taliban and high-level US delegations met in Doha for the first time since the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, according to the news agency.

Speaking to media during a break in the talks, interim Afghan Foreign Minister Amir Muttaqi said senior Taliban officials and US envoys discussed opening a new chapter in relations as soon as the talks began.

“We have called on the United States to lift the ban on Afghan National Bank deposits so that there is no humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan,” he said.

Amir Mottaki said that the United States should respect the sovereignty of Afghanistan’s airspace and not interfere in our affairs. Arab media The meeting was attended by members of the US State Department, Intelligence and USAID, while the Taliban delegation was led by Maulvi Amir Khan Mottaki, the foreign minister of the interim government.

Both sides termed the first round of talks as very successful, now the second meeting of the two sides will be held tomorrow, in which important decisions are likely to be taken.


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