Home Sports The first goalkeeper called by Cádiz CF to replace Ledesma

The first goalkeeper called by Cádiz CF to replace Ledesma

Everything seemed to indicate that Conan Ledesma was going to continue at Cádiz CF next season, but in the last few hours the situation has taken a 180º turn and the Argentine goalkeeper aims to be transferred

After a season in which he has been one of the best goalkeepers in all of Europe, ledesma wants to get out of Cadiz CF. After two years in the team, the Argentine feels that he is more than capable of taking a new leap in his career, since he is performing at the highest level and there are several teams willing to offer for him, also improving his current salary. .

However, the situation is totally opposite in the Nuevo Mirandilla offices. The club does not want to lose one of its pillars and for the moment they are taking advantage of their termination clause of 30 million euros. But they are aware that no team is going to put that on the table, so they just want to scare away those interested. However, now it is Ledesma the one who presses to leave Cádiz CF.

Ledesma asks Cádiz CF to negotiate with UD Almería
Ledesma wants to sign for UD Almería

Ledesma, very upset with Cádiz CF

As we have known in the last few hours, the team interested in signing Ledesma is UD Almería. The first offer from the Almería team for the Argentine was slightly over 10 million euros, an amount that Cádiz CF considers insufficient. Of course, they have already set a minimum price to sit down and negotiate.

As we have known, Cádiz CF would be willing to transfer Ledesma for 15 million euros. However, UD Almería has begun to look for alternatives and the goalkeeper has become annoyed with the club, considering that he has done a great job during these two years and that now the club must facilitate his departure for a team that offers him a chance of growth.

The pressure from UD Almería to convince Cádiz CF

Knowing that the player wants to leave and that the offer from UD Almería will not be much better than the one presented, Cádiz CF is willing to negotiate for Ledesma for an amount slightly higher than 10 million euros. And it is that they know that, if they do not sell it this summer, they risk having a bad season and ending up selling for a much lower price.

Be that as it may, Ledesma’s time at Cádiz CF is coming to an end. That is why the sports management has begun to look for alternatives and one of the most liked is that of Masip, currently in the ranks of Real Valladolid. A player with experience in the Santander League and who could arrive for a very affordable price. Something that excites the Cádiz team.

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