The first departure that Atlético faces at the end of the season

Ivo Grbic and Atlético de Madrid appear to be facing an almost inevitable separation in the final six months of their collaboration. Although it is not easy for the Croatian goalkeeper to say goodbye to a prestigious club like Atlético, the prospect before his contract expires in June presents a complicated dilemma.

Although in the Sporty They value his performance as a replacement for Oblak, acknowledges that a contract extension seems highly unlikely, largely because it is difficult to live in the shadow of one of the best goalkeepers in the world. The club is aware of the priority Grbic because he is looking for ways to enjoy the minutes that Oblak’s presence has denied him.

Currently no possible destinations

The situation of Grbic illustrates a scenario where, despite appreciating his contribution as a substitute, the lack of regular opportunities meant he had to look for a new club. His desire to get more minutes on the court is understandable, and that Sporty He also seems to understand how difficult it is to retain a talent who is seeking a more prominent role on another team and currently has no possible destinations for the upcoming season.

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