Pyongyang: The first death due to corona virus infection has occurred in North Korea.

According to the details, the first death from Corona has come to light in North Korea, while the first case of Omekron variant came to light in North Korea yesterday.

A total of 187,000 people are being quarantined in North Korea for fever, and North Korea is in lockdown following the Korona case.

According to foreign media, North Korea has denied the existence of corona cases in the country since the beginning of the corona epidemic, but now a case of corona has come to light, after the first case came to light, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un Implemented lockdown in the country.

Corona’s first case in North Korea

Presiding over an emergency meeting to prevent the spread of the epidemic, Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un said that immediate and effective steps would be taken in this regard.

North Korea reportedly does not have the corona vaccine because Kim Jong Un’s government rejected offers from the World Health Organization, China and Russia to supply the corona vaccine.