The first contingent of US troops arrived in Germany

The first contingent of US troops arrived in Germany after tensions between Russia and the West escalated over Ukraine, setting up headquarters for 1,700 paratroopers.

US President Joe Biden announced a few days ago that he would send another 3,000 US troops to Europe to help NATO allies deal with Russia over the Ukraine conflict.

According to foreign media, the European command of the US military says that the purpose of sending these troops is to further strengthen the presence of NATO alliance in Eastern Europe and Germany in the context of Russia’s presence on the border with Ukraine, 18th Airborne Corps Arrived in Wiesbaden today.

The spokesman added that the purpose of the troops’ arrival was to set up headquarters in Germany for the 1,700 paratroopers sent to Poland.

According to the statement, this is the first batch of 2,000 troops to be sent to Europe since the Pentagon’s announcement, aimed at providing US support to its NATO allies.

According to the Pentagon, about 1,000 troops of the Striker Squadron stationed in the German region of Wolsek will be sent to Romania, while 1,700 troops from the 82nd Airborne Division will be sent to Poland, in addition to 300 American troops will be sent to Germany. ۔






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