The Fini Company hires José María Alcolea Navarro as its new CEO in Spain

Fini Company appoints José María Alcolea Navarro as CEO of the company in Spain. With a long career with another multinational in the food sector in Murcia, Alcolea takes over the management of the Fini Company group, where he will have a fundamental position in transmitting values, leadership and motivation within the company, as well as promoting an internal culture , which is based on collaboration, creativity and adaptation to change to further strengthen Fini’s competitive advantages.

With a presence in more than 100 countries, Fini Company is a leader in the global confectionery sector. To consolidate this position, Alcolea’s presence contributes to the global expansion of the group and favors the efficient and sustainable transformation of related operations.

Experience of José María Alcolea

Degree in business administration and management with a specialization in law, Alcolea has a solid experience of more than 20 years as COO in a leading multinational company in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods sector.), which conveys Fini a fundamental vision to promote not only economic growth, but also a range of initiatives that have a positive impact on society and the planet.

Fini Golosinas is the leading brand in the sale of gelatin, marshmallow and licorice candies. As the main manufacturer of licorice, Fini Golosinas is a world leader in this category and has 15 production lines dedicated to this production. In addition, it has the most extensive range on the market, suitable for all types of consumers (celiacs, vegans, etc.).

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