The fine that Bayern will give Neuer

He Bayern Munich he is tremendously angry with his goalkeeper Manuel Neuer after he fell seriously injured during the holidays after the World Cup in Qatar. The goalkeeper broke the club’s rules and went skiing, with such a bad foot that he fractured his tibia and fibula, which makes him miss the rest of the season and has made the German team have to sign Yann Sommer urgently to cover the goal.

Neuer broke the rules of the club, which prevents its players from practicing risky sports (skiing is considered as such) so the board is really upset with him, but this does not end here since the latest statements by the German goalkeeper have He has finished turning on many of the managers of the Bavarian club since they consider that the goalkeeper has done a wrong thing by addressing the press directly and not contacting them to try to fix things. According to ‘Bild‘, This incident has meant that Bayern have to put their hands on the matter and it has been decided to fine the footballer a large amount of money.

A penalty that will hurt

Manuel Neuer is going to see how the Bavarian club imposes an unprecedented sanction on him in the history of the team since they want this situation to never happen again, neither with him nor with another footballer. Bild assures that he is going to be sanctioned with one month’s salary, which in his case is 1.6 million euros since he is one of the highest paid footballers in the club, without a doubt a sanction that will serve to make future players think skip the rules imposed by Bayern.

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