The film “Buzz Lightyear” banned in Tunis

The release date of Buzz Lightning (Lightyear in English), latest animated film in the Disney-Pixar franchise, was scheduled for June 22 in Tunisia, but there was no screening. “The governors of Tunis and Sousse have in fact just taken this decision because of the controversial scenes in the film. They announced the ban on the screening of the film in all cinemas, in a press release published on Wednesday 22 June 2022”, reports webdo. The film would not have received an exploitation visa from the Tunisian Ministry of Culture, according to Realities Online. This ban comes after pressure from conservative associations because of “shocking scenes”. The animated film contains a kiss scene between two people of the same sex.

“Deceit to morals”

Local media recall that the film has already been banned in the United Arab Emirates and in many Muslim countries. Censorship is a widespread practice in the Arab world, especially in the very conservative Gulf region. Films that contain scenes considered to be injurious to morals are often cut or even completely banned. In April, Saudi Arabia had asked Disney to remove the “LGBTQ references” to marvel movie Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

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