Home Sports The Filipino giant that Real Madrid follows to replace Tavares

The Filipino giant that Real Madrid follows to replace Tavares

It’s no secret that Tavares wants to try the NBA adventure again, and Real Madrid is following a young Filipino center to take the fifth spot.

Since then, the alarm has been ringing in the basketball department of the white club this summer Tavares was on the verge of giving up real Madrid. The Cape Verdean center, who was the team’s great leader during one of the club’s golden eras, had an interesting NBA offer on the table. A competition he knows, having already played there in the ranks of two important franchises.

However, his adventure in North America did not go as he would have liked, as he was only able to play thirteen games in two seasons between the Atlanta Hawks and the Cleveland Cavaliers. After this failed experience, he returned to Europe, where It didn’t take long for Tavares to become central to Real Madrid. But now his time in the white team is coming to an end.

Tavares forces Real Madrid to look for a center
Kai Sotto is on Real Madrid’s radar

Tavares forces Real Madrid to look for a new center

This was summer Portland Trail Blazers, the franchise that knocked on Edy Tavares’ door. In fact, the player himself publicly stated that the dream of the NBA is still there and that he does not yet know whether he will extend his contract with Real Madrid. Some statements that set alarm bells ringing for the white team.

And if that wasn’t enough, Real Madrid do not see Poirier in the starting eleven, so they would have to go to the market to find a replacement. And Willy Hernangómez is no longer available, so options in Europe are drastically reduced. So the white sports management started looking abroad and found a player who could fit in perfectly.

Kai Sotto, the Filipino giant popular in Madrid

Undoubtedly, One of the players who attracted the most attention at this World Cup was Kai Sotto. The Filipino center, who is only 21 years old, has amazed the world thanks to his height of 2.21 meters. An unusual size for such a young player, making him a unique player with enormous potential.

In fact, just a few years ago he was the number one pick in the draft. However, he ended up not being drafted by any franchise because he didn’t make good decisions in his league. He is now playing in Japan, but his desire is to earn a chance in the NBA. As far as we know, Real Madrid are paying a lot of attention to Kai Sotto. And they know he can be a perfect replacement for Tavares because of his rim protection, but adds a lot more quality this time with the ball in his hands.

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