The figures that tie Mbappé to PSG

Kylian Mbappé’s soap opera, as much as PSG insists that they want to sell him as soon as possible if he does not renew, is not going to be decided in a matter of days. First, because the player’s intention is clear, to continue next season in the French capital. And, second, because the club, from the inside out, is trying to renew him so as not to be condemned to sell himwhich is what they broadcast in Qatar since they were aware of the player’s letter refusing to renew until 2025.

The fact that Mbappé says that he does not want to renew does not mean that he is going to force his departure or that he is willing to forgive the huge amounts of money that PSG must pay him. In addition to his salary, which amounts to 72 million euros per season, the Parisian team would have to pay him 80 million euros on September 1 if he continues in France for one more season..

Within this soap opera, indecipherable in every way, appears a tug of war on both sides. If PSG publicly states that it wants to sell Kylian Mbappé, it will be evident, since the loyalty premium that the French entity would have to pay him would be an obligation, or so the player’s environment understands it. In this case, the footballer, in the hypothetical case of being transferred, could summon what is still his club to a dispute, understanding that the bonus corresponds to him for not having asked to leave at any time.

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Mbappé does not want to take the first step. And, in case of doing so, PSG would understand that he is not obliged to pay him the 80 million, having expressed his intention to leave the French capital this summer.. In another order of things, if there is a club that reaches an agreement with the French team to sign him, Mbappé could ask PSG for a kind of ‘bonus’ so that this loyalty premium does not disappear, taking into account that it has not been the footballer who has requested his transfer.

We are entering a decisive phase, a month of July in which it will really be seen who is playing their cards and who is bluffing. At the moment, Mbappé is inflexible. He does not want to forgive a single euro from the most important contract in the history of European football and PSG, although he leaks that he wants to sell him, is aware that his bargaining power may be reduced by being tied to a premium that was signed in May 2022. The striker, meanwhile, is enjoying his vacation in Miami and will return to training later after having played international matches in June.

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