The fight to be the true successor to the DeLorean

The Alpha 5, announced by the Texas company DeLorean Motors Reimagined LLC, was presented a few months ago as the successor to the famous DeLorean, star of the film saga Return to the future.

Now another company named DNG Motors (of DeLorean Next Generation Motors) has announced that it plans to build the successor to the famous vehicle as well. DNG is a company formed by Kat DeLorean, the daughter of the legendary John Z. DeLorean: the man, myth, and legend behind the original DeLorean Motor Company and its only product, the DMC 12.

The new model will be called Model-JZD in honor of John Z., and the company says it will begin assembly in January 2023 in the old motor city, Detroit (USA). In addition, they plan to officially present the car “by the end of the year”.

Details are, at the moment, quite scarce, but DNG Motors claims that the team will feature “some of the brightest minds in the automotive industry, along with a portion of the original equipment who helped create the first iconic DeLorean more than 40 years ago.”

DNG Motors, says the company itself, will be a “new type of mobility company that the industry has never seen, which focuses on people and society.”

Side view of the DNG Motors Model-JZD.

In addition to building cars and creating jobs, the company plans to launch new engineering programs, to benefit public high school students, and forging partnerships with other manufacturers to help overcome the challenges facing the industry.

DNG Motors also takes pains to point out that it has no relationship with any other project bearing the DeLorean name and is the only company with a direct lineage from John Z., which is a clear indirection to the other new model inspired by the DeLorean, the Alpha 5, announced by the Texas company DeLorean Motors Reimagined LLC (with the name of DeLorean Motor Company).

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Model-JZD gullwing doors opening.

legal problems ahead

Despite the name, this DeLorean Motor Company has no direct connection to the original company. Instead, it grew out of a DeLorean parts and service business founded in 1985 after the original company went bankrupt.

That business (originally DeLorean One) was renamed DeLorean Motor Company in 1995, and it acquired most of the parts, drawings and tools from the original company. Today, it is the leading source for parts and services for DMC classic car owners.

The Alpha 5 EV prototype, designed by Ital Design, which also came up with the original DMC 12, was first shown in August 2022, with DMC saying it expected production versions of the Alpha 5 to hit the market “sometime in 2024”.

Aerial view of the Model-JZD.

Whether any of these projects will translate into an actual production car remains to be seen, as creating a new car from scratch and getting it into production takes a lot of time and resources, especially with all the legislation that manufacturers have to deal with today.

For all of this, there are likely to be some future legal battles over who owns the rights to the brand if both companies go ahead. In any case, and whoever wins, it seems that a new DeLorean will be on the streets in the future, without having to return to it.

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