The fight of 2 top civil servant women has put the government in the nose

In the Indian state of Karnataka, the personal tussle between the two women holding the highest government posts has put the state administration in the nose.

According to Indian media reports, D Roopa Moudgil is an IHS (Indian Police Service) officer and is currently serving as the Managing Director of Karnataka Handicrafts Development Corporation.

The other woman’s name is Rohini Sindhuri, she is an IAS (Indian Administrative Service) officer and today she is the Commissioner of Hindu Religious Institutions and Charitable Endowments Department.

The official tussle between the two civil servants was going on for several days but it came to light when D Roopa Madgal shared some personal photos of Rohini Sindhuri from her Facebook account.

D Rupa Madgal alleged that Rohini Sindhuri had sent her photographs to 3 male officers in 2021 and 2022 to get her desired placement.

D Rupa also issued a long list of corruption allegations against Sindhuri and claimed to have complained to Karnataka Chief Minister Biswaraj Bomai and Chief Secretary Vandita Sharma.

After which Rohini Sindhuri also came into the fray and in her statement on social media said that D Rupa is running a “false, personal defamation campaign” against her and is threatening action. “He has collected my photos and WhatsApp status screenshots from social media to defame me and has alleged that I have sent the photos to some officials. If true, bring out the names of those officials.”

Criticizing D Rupa Madgal, Rohini Sindhuri said that ‘mental illness is a huge problem, it needs medicine and help’. When the disease affects people in positions of responsibility, it becomes even more dangerous.

The issue between the two escalated to such an extent that the Home Minister of Karnataka also had to jump in, he said that the way these two are talking, even common people do not talk like this on the streets. She continued to do what she wanted to do on her personal issues but it is not right to come in front of the media.

The state home minister said that he has spoken to the police chief about the dispute and the chief minister is also aware of it. We are not sitting silently, action will be taken against them.

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