The FIFA virus strikes in a big way

The FIFA Virus is fully affected by the Spanish competition. This latest national team stoppage is affecting both the LaLiga organization (two games have been postponed) and the teams’ squads, since there are six players who have returned injured.

One of the great criticisms of the clubs to the stoppages of national teams is the load that they suppose for their footballers of minutes of game and of trips. It is common to see that on occasion they return with discomfort and headdresses. For example, after the September break, Bale and Bardhi ended up in the infirmary. On this occasion, it is triple those that cause leave. Hazard, Militao and Alaba return from Real Madrid; from Barcelona, ​​Araújo; from Atlético, Giménez, and from Celta, Tapia. It is noteworthy that of those six players, four are from South American countries. These teams that belong to CONMEBOL are one of those that suffer the most and are creating more problems for clubs and leagues. Their trips are longer and prevent the players from having less rest and also, in the past break and in the current one, they have one more game. Going from two to three. More minutes for footballers’ legs.

The other reason that the FIFA Virus affects even more is precisely that increase in matches for the players of the CONMEBOL teams. That has led to the last game being played at dawn from Thursday to Friday. Preventing several players from arriving in time to play for their clubs and forcing LaLiga, upon acceptance by the CSD, to delay two games this weekend. (Granada-Athletic and Real Madrid-Athletic). Something that has bothered clubs like Athletic, which will be unemployed for three weeks. In addition, in the previous break, two other matches were postponed (Villarreal-Alavés and Sevilla-Barcelona). Now, Thebes will have to locate said four parties in a calendar that hardly has available dates. The only free time for the four to be played is on December 22, a good one for the clubs in the official calendar, but it would be at the cost of reducing two or three days to the soccer players’ Christmas holidays compared to the rest of the teams. This FIFA Virus has struck big this season, causing injuries and further strain on a collapsed schedule of engagements.

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